Future Price Increase

Due to increased operating costs, it has become necessary to increase the price of all services in the salon.
The price increase will begin on October 1st, 2022. This helps us ensure we can continue to provide you with the same high quality grooming services you’ve had in the past. 
Thank you for your support!



We DO NOT Accept Animals Under Any Sedatives or Behavioral Medications.

All owners MUST have their dog(s) secured to a leash before entering the salon.

We DO NOT assist owners in bringing dogs in from the parking lot.
(Elderly and special need customers excluded)

Walk In Services

No Appointment Needed, But Please Call To Check For Availability
Bath & Haircut Packages are not included in Walk-In services. Please call to set up grooming appointments if you are looking for Bath or Haircut services.

Nail Trim: $15

Nail Trim and Grind: $20

Paw Pad Shave & Feet Trim: $25

Sanitary & Belly Shave: $20

Face trim: $20

Ear Clean: $10

Ear Clean and Hair Pluck: $20

Hairbrush (15 min): $15

Anal Gland Express: $10

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-large, Giant

We have a chart for size measuring in the salon


Basic Bath
Basic Bath includes before & after bath hair brush, shampoo, nail trim & grind, ear clean & pluck, and anal gland express.

Short hair - Single Coat (less than 1 inch in length):

$30, $35, $40, $55, $70

Long hair - Double Coat (1 inch or longer in length):

$40, $50, $70, $85, $110

Basic Bath+ Haircut
Basic Bath + Haircut includes Basic Bath, regular head & tail trim + one length (#7 or #5) shaved body & legs OR light trim all over

$55, $70, $95, $130, $160

Advanced Bath+ Haircut
Advanced Bath + Haircut includes Basic Bath + high protein conditioner and requested haircut style.

$85, $110, $140, $180, $220

Premium Bath + Haircut
Premium Bath + Haircut includes Basic Bath + high protein conditioner and any haircut style requires more than 80% of hand scissoring.
$130, $160, $220, $280, $350

Add-On Services

Furminator (de-shedding package):
$15, $20, $25, $30, $35

Special Handling:
$15/15 minutes

Additional Brushing/De-tangling:
$15/15 minutes

Special Styling Fee:

Late Pick Up Fee:
(Start charging an hour after the second reminder call, minimal charge is $15)
$15/30 minutes

Clean Feet (Poodle Feet):

Flea & Tick/ Special Shampoo:

High Protein conditioner:

Shave-Down Style Promotion
#10 blade all over shave down (with trimmed face and tail if requested)

Small:                                      $55
Medium:                                $65
Large:                                      $80
X-Large:                                 $95
Giant:                                      $115

Cat Grooming Services

Inability to comply with any of the following terms will result in a refusal of services. 

*All cat grooming appointments require the full amount be paid upfront per cat to reserve the appointment time and date*

*Cancellations/Rescheduling must be done 48 hours BEFORE the date of the appointment to receive a refund*  

*If the owner arrives 15 minutes late to the appointment the appointment will be cancelled, and no refund will be issued*

*All cats must have their Rabies vaccination record available on the day of the appointment*

*We will call 15 minutes before the cat is ready, and owners must arrive within 30 minutes of that phone call. Failure to do so will result in an additional "Late Pick Up Fee" charge*

Basic Bath:
before & after bath hair brush
shampoo, nail trim, ear clean

Short hair (less than 1 inch in length):                    $50
Long hair (1 inch or longer in length):                     $70

Basic Bath + Haircut:
Basic Bath, regular head & tail trim + shaved body & legs with #10 blade

Long/Short hair:                                                               $100

We DO NOT accept cats with any type of sedation

Please ensure you have bought the appropriate amount of time necessary to bathe and dry your dog.

Self-Wash Dog Bathing 
Currently only available at the Leander location.

$10.00 first 30 min. / $5 for each additional 30 min.
$5.00 / shampoo bottle
$5.00 conditioner bottle
*We do not loan out towels, brushes, or other items that have skin contact for health and safety reasons.*

*We do not provide de-shedding shampoo or flea shampoo for self-wash services.*

Suggested Times
*for thick coated dogs, add 30-60 min.*

SMALL (maltese, mini poodle, chihuahua): 1 HOUR
MEDIUM (beagle, dachshund, schnauzer): 1.5 HOURS
LARGE (corgi, border collie, English bulldog): 2 HOURS
EXTRA LARGE (rottweiler, golden retriever, labrador): 2.5 HOURS
GIANT (great dane, mastiff, Irish wolfhound): 3 HOURS 

What It Looks Like

See a glimpse into what we do!

Pet Grooming:
Face Trim
on Schnauzer

Pet Grooming:
Basic Bath Package on Boxer

Pet Grooming:
Advanced Haircut- Hand Scissoring

Pet Grooming:
De-Shedding Package
on Tibetan Mastiff

Pet Grooming:
Nail Trim

Pet Grooming:
Nail Grind

Pet Grooming:
Ear Cleaning